Caroline Schneider

Caroline Schneider received her Doctor of Philosophy in History in 2022 at the University of Newcastle, Australia (Research Centre for the History of Violence), after completing her Master of Arts at the University of Zurich. Her PhD thesis was about the genocidal practice of forcible child transfers and its long-lasting multifaceted consequences. Within the context of a global history, her research interests include children’s rights; history of violence; intersections between identity, memory and trauma studies; and comparative histories of genocide. Her current research focuses on the Middle Eastern region. She has published essays on these themes, such as “The Yazidis: Resilience in Times of Violence” in Collective & State Violence in Turkey. The Construction of a National Identity from Empire to Nation-State, ed. Stephan Astourian and Raymond Kévorkian (New York, Oxford: Berghahn Books, 2021) and “Long Shadows – The Great War, Australia and the Middle East: from the Armenian to the Yazidi Genocide,” in Genocide Perspectives VI, co-authored with Hans-Lukas Kieser.

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