Cindy Ness

Dr. Ness holds doctorates in Psychology and Anthropology from Harvard University and The University of Pennsylvania, respectively. Her research and publications have spanned the areas of urban violence, mental health, and female militancy and terrorism. Her major publications include Why Girls Fight: Female Youth Violence in the Inner City (NYU Press, 2010), an edited compilation, “Female Terrorism and Militancy: Agency, Utility and Organization (Francis &Taylor, 2008), and a guest-edited volume, Women and Terrorism (Studies in Conflict and Terrorism, 2005). Among her committee positions, she was a former member of the Academic Advisory Council of the National Campaign Against Youth Violence (NCAYV) convened by President Clinton (1999-2002) after the Columbine shootings and was chair of its sub-committee on Structural Factors that Normalize and Institutionalize Violence. Dr. Ness has served as an Associate Adjunct Professor at Pace University and at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. where she was also a Research Fellow and Director of Programs for the college’s Center on Terrorism. Dr. Ness is a practicing psychologist in New York City.

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