Rubina Peroomian

Rubina Peroomian, Ph.D in Near Eastern Languages and Cultures (UCLA). Formerly, lecturer of Armenian Studies at UCLA. Currently, independent scholar.
She has lectured widely and made presentations in international symposia on Armenian Genocide, published several research articles in scholarly journals and contributed book chapters.
She has authored textbooks, grades 10,11,12, in Armenian on the Armenian Question and the Genocide, as well as a teachers’ guidebook, with age proper material and methodology to teach the Armenian Genocide grades K-12 (also available online).
Her monographs on genocide include:
Literary Responses to Catastrophe: A Comparison of the Armenian and the Jewish Experience.
And those who Continued Living in Turkey after 1915.
The Armenian Genocide in Literature, Perceptions of Those who Lived through the Years of Calamity.
The Armenian Genocide in Literature, The Second Generation Responds.

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